Current Paulinians


  1. Christ-Centered
  2. Marked with the Paschal Spirituality
  3. Open and responsive to the time
  4. Compassionate, warm, gentle an joyful
  5. Competent an self-directed
  6. Respectful, honest and friendly
  7. Simple, punctual lover of work

The MOTTO of Every Paulinian is… “Caritas Christi Urget Nos.” “The love of Christ impels us.”

Every Paulinian is driven by love. “Caristas Christi” means the love of Christ for others. The heart of the Paulinian goes out to others, reveals itself in service

 The MODEL of all Paulinians… is the Blessed Virgin Mary, who, in humility, modesty, simplicity and fidelity, with joyful hope and through thoughtful warmhearte service to others, teaches them what is to be “Christ-Bearers.”

Their PATRON is… St. Paul, the great apostle to the Gentiles, for whom “life is Christ.” Spurred by the love of Christ, he made himself “all things to all.” He went about with his work, of proclaiming the Good news of Jesus Christ with Single-heartedness and tranquil daring, while supporting his mission, by the work of his hand and sweat of his brow.