President's Corner

 Welcome to St. Paul University Iloilo!


My Dear Sisters, lay administrators, faculty, non-teaching staff, personnel, alumni, parents, students, Paulinians, one and all, Welcome Home! Welcome to St. Paul University Iloilo!  It is my joy to welcome all you to school year 2016-2017.

If you have noticed, our Paulinian family is getting bigger.  This year we now have the kindergarten to Grade 5 pupils, the first batch of Senior High Paulinians, the common Freshmen Paulinians, transferees, and new students.  We also have new Sisters, new teachers and staff.

Congratulations for you have made the right choice!  You have come to the University that is ever committed to form Christ-centered, compassionate, warm, friendly,  gentle, joyful, simple, competent, self-directed Paulinians.  We are here to help you be men and women equipped with lifelong learning skills and be servant-leaders who are deeply rooted in Christ.

We are here to assist you reach your dreams so let us start the year right!  Let your dreams and your goals be your lamp posts. Do not lose sight of that. Keep your mind focused on your ultimate goal. Aim high.  Know your priorities. Have self-discipline.  Do not waste your time.  The difference between successful people and failures often lies in the fact that the successful use their time wisely.  When time is lost, it is never found again.

We, the sisters, your teachers, the staff are here to help you achieve your goal.  But like rowing a boat we have to paddle in the same direction.  You have to do your share.  As Christian Larsen said “ think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best.”

An article entitled “A Higher Goal”by J. Maurus from his book Living the Marvel of Life beautifully tells us that we must aim high.  Always more, go and search, study, pray, act with the will, put off laziness, indecision, inconstancy, apathy. The difficult eases up when you give your best . Have confidence in God. God  is your friend. God calls you, follows you, gives the spirit, energy, power and help to attain a Higher Goal.

May we all have a meaningful school year together and may our loving God continue to bless us in all our academic plans and spiritual endeavors.



University President