Published on October 1, 2014

Ma. Levy Anne S. Amosin, ABMC 4, chronicles her experience in Japan as she joins the  111-Filipino delegation chosen to participate in the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth Program (JENESYS 2.0) for Mass Media Batch 3.  Levy, along with her 10 fellow Paulinians, will be in Japan from September 29 to October 7, 2014.

The JENESYS 2.O is a project advanced by the Japanese government that aims to promote solidarity within Asia through a large-scale youth exchange program.


Group selfie of SPUI student-delegation to Japan

JAL flies to JA-FUN

by Ma. Levy Anne S. Amosin, ABMC 4

Japan has been known as the land of the rising sun! September 29, 2014 was the designated date for the official arrival of the 111 delegates from the Philippines. But only 110 made it because one student from the Western Visayas region failed to join for some circumstantial reasons. So, on September 29th, 110 official young ambassadors from the Philippines boarded their flight to Japan on Japan Airlines (JAL), the official sponsor and partner of this Jenesys trip.


The young ambassadors enjoyed the JAL accommodation. Great services were offered by the Japanese crew. Delicious Japanese meals were served during lunch time. The flight took four hours and the young Filipino ambassadors delighted on the flight entertainment offered by JAL, like the touch screen TV attached at the back of each seats of the plane that holds a good selection of movies, music, games, and other entertainment.

japan13 japan15

Life is indeed good to these blessed young ambassadors! To top it off, “Haagen Dazs” an expensive ice-cream, was served as the dessert on that flight.


Arriving in Japan, the young ambassadors were very much astonished by what Japan holds. The Japanese are very disciplined. The buildings have brilliant architectural design. The designs of the establishments,  from the smallest ones to the humongous parks, are obviously built in a very structured way. Today’s diary ends here. More important places will be uncovered by these young ambassadors of goodwill.

japan5 japan4





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