Published on September 2, 2013

August 17, 2013 was a significant day for the Nursing Students of St. Paul University Iloilo! A very important and momentous program for regular track and music track Nursing Students took place. They celebrated the Capping and Giving of Cloth at 3:00 in the afternoon at Marian Hall Theatre and the Candle Lighting Ceremony at 5:30 at the University Gym. This event is a stepping-stone for our 72 Nursing Students who participated!

How important exactly is this event to our Nursing students? Maria Josa Nismal, a 4th year Nursing Student Over-all Head of the event, stated that to be capped is a big leap forward as she becomes more aware of her responsibilities. To be a Nurse means to offer your service to the community. It is not just a job, but it is a normal part of life to be generous. The Giving of Cloth event symbolizes selflessness and care towards others which is captured in the moment when Veronica wiped the face of Jesus while he carried the cross; the cloth wipes away people’s burden and it also eases their pain. As for the Candle Lighting Ceremony, the candle symbolizes the student-nurses; the light itself represents hope that is given by God in the darkness.

For Daryl Faith Co, a member of Healing Soldiers of the Savior, said that it was a great honor to be a participant. She was ecstatic for this long-awaited event since so much preparation was done. She faced a few obstacles as practices exhausted her, and sometimes, arguments and disagreements amongst the other students got in the way. However, in the end, everyone ended up cooperating and enjoying the preparation. Nismal stated that the preparation was not easy. As one of the Music Track students, she feels as if everyone was looking down at them, but is grateful to be given a second chance to do her best. She learned to keep herself on track because no matter what track they belonged to, after they graduate and find their job, they are still going to carry the same title which is “Paulinian Nurse”!

This ceremony was the moment when the students finally committed themselves to the duties and responsibilities of being a future Filipino Paulinian Nurse. Aileen Labao, from the Knights of Christ’s Kingdom, said, “It’s a priviledge. It is a part having commitment and dedication to the profession.” From the start of the school year, discipline was one of the hardest obstacles she had faced because it is about committing herself to the College of Nursing. It is a stage of becoming responsible enough and to be passionate in this field. Mrs. Ma. Lourdes Alvarez, RN, MAN, one of the team leaders of this event, mentioned that envisions our Paulinian Nurses to be qualified in terms of their knowledge and skills after their graduation.

The Paulinian Nursing Students are blessed and honored because this is a once in a lifetime event.

Healing Soldiers of the Savior (Sanante Milites Salvatoris):
Aguiling, Mary Anne
Antonio, Jizel Marie
Barranco, Nikki Sol
Bernante, Ma. Alyssa
Castor, Ivana Lynn Joy
Co, Daryl Faith
Cortez, Khaye
Corum, Stephanie Anne
Divinagracia, Trisha
Elequin, Janelyn Dawn
Garferio, Hannah Jane
Gilay, Rosalie
Gonzales, Beryl Joy
Gorieza, Rona Mariz
Janzadeh, Arianna
Jaudian, Shannen Erika
Javellana, Carole Jessa
Ledesma, Marielle Ann
Lumbao, Ysabel Karen May
Luna, Tanya Grace
Mamon, Aliana Marie
Maranan, Camille Angeli
Martinez, Jesti Kate
Montano, Marie Rose
Parreno, Collin Marie
Rendon, Janika Lyra
Reyes, Aurielle Nerence
Rodil, Alyssa Antonette
Serra, Karla Francia
Silao, Kristelle Joy
Varona, Chenee Shayne Cheeka
Yu, Aizelle Kyle Geraldine
Artezuela, Keith Anthony
Dominado, Seigfred
Layson, Tom Julian
Nobis, Peter Paul
Ong, Christopher
Onday, Gregg Jensian
Vargas, VJ Meverick

Knights of Christ’s Kingdom (Equei Regni Christi)
Abana, Mary Sharmaine
Alfaras, Ma. Jessica
Balbuena, Ramona Jean
Bautista, Hannah Jade
Beare, Sharisse Kay
Benitez, Maria Agnes Susan
Caton, Krista Eunice
Davidas, Christine Jessa
Devaras, Kimberly
Dumanhog, Shanyle Joy Grace
Dunton, Ma. Angiely
Duran, Mary Roselle
Galila, Gloriene
Garcesto, Kara Francin
Golilao, Kayla Egee
Labao, Aileen
Lamprea, Algely Anne
Laserna, Marie Patrece Nicole
Loreno, Fely Therese
Macalipay, Marie Angelique
Malaga, Mary Salome
Matullano, Aea Anne
Maza, Milagracezilla
Nismal, Maria Josa
Nunal, Jodorie
Ordales, Excel Ann
Perez, Noreen Christie
Sarria, Lesley
Tanoja, Louise Fleur Pauline
Yap, Yssa Maxine
Alayon, Jay Rafael
Salinas, Luis Enrique
Sampaga, Alexander Jr.

Written by Pia Saclauso





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