-Servant Leadership

The Paulinian Student Government is the integral student governing body of SPU Iloilo which embodies the ideals an aspirations of the studentry. The activities of the PSG are geared towards creating self-directed, Christian Filipino Paulinians.  The role of the Paulinian Student Government is to help in the implementation of the Rules and Regulations of the institution.

It has the authority to regulate the establishment and operation of student organizations.  A student organization may be organized by the PSG upon the petition of at least 15 students and a tentative faculty moderator.  The petition is presented to the PSG and forwarded to the President’s Council for approval upon submission of the following:

a.  A letter of application to the PSG adviser.
b.  A list of officers and members with their signatures.
c.  A tentative by-laws.
d.  A list of propose activities.

 The PSG has the right to abolish any school organization that is not operating in accordance with school objectives, upon presentation of the President’s Council.