Published on March 12, 2014

Last March 7 to 8, the Wellness Center SPU Iloilo conducted its yearly musical concert and for 2014, it was entitled: “SARILING ATIN: MGA HIMIG NG BUHAY.” This event presented numerous phases of a Filipino’s life and includes presentation of many issues that everyone should contemplate on and be aware of. St. Paul University Iloilo consistently aims towards awareness so that all Paulinians will make a choice of contributing peace and prosperity for the betterment of the Philippine society. The event was staged twice a day, with the matinee at 10 in the morning and gala at 4 in the afternoon.

The event is participated by numerous Paulinians from different colleges, teachers, alumni, and a special participation by the San Nicolas de Tolentino Choir (SNT Choir) of Cabatuan, Iloilo.

The event was divided into three parts. The first part started with an audio-visual presentation entitled, NILAMON NG SISTEMA, which presented the hardship experienced by numerous Filipinos due to corruption and cultural problems. This was followed by numerous musical numbers like “Sino and Baliw” with Rei Mavi Castellano, Pauline Mission and the Dancers; “Tatsulok” sang by Marc Estuche and Chris Orleans together with the Band and Dancers; “Buligi” by the SNT Choir; “Lupa” by mr. Greg Palomar, Clinical Instructor of BSN; “August Rush” by Peter Paul Concepcion.

The second part of the event started with another audio-visual presentation entitled, NAG-IISANG MUNDO, which presented the emotional state of numerous Filipinos. This was followed by numerous musical numbers which included “Furlise” by Ms. Emmeline Monteclaro, “Paraiso” by Donna Guadalupe, Arianne Baltero, and Therese Militante, “Kaniwang Tao by Mr. Benmar Coronado, “Simula Ka” by Mr. Joel Silorio, “Isang Lahi” by Rossi Amor Duarte, and “Tagumpay Nating Lahat” by the SNT Choir. The first three performances were accompanied by the dancers and the second and third were accompanied by a live band.

The third part started with another audio-visual presentation entitled BANGON KAIBIGAN, which is a call for everyone to never surrender and to continue hoping. All the problems in life are here to test us, and not to put us down–this was the message of the last AVP, which culminates the other two AVPs. Everyone is encouraged to strive, to rise, and to always move forward. Three musical presentations composed the last part: “Cool Ka Lang” sang by Donna Guadalupe, Rholin Bulan, and Juna Marcelo participated by the dancers, “Liwanag sa Dilim” by the Band and “Noypi.”

It was a successful event, a celebration of music and dance with the aim of leaving an important message to all the youth and that is a calling for everyone to bear within one another a light to guide everyone towards the right path in the slowly darkening world. IMG_9573

This event was made successful due to the undying dedication of the Director, Mrs. Mary Jane de Gracia; the Associate Director, Ms. Glea Joy Paulino; Musical Directors, Ms. Therese Marie Militante and Mr. Joel Silorio; and Choreographers, Ms. Glea Joy Paulino and Ms. Anna Mae Militante.

May the love of Christ continue to impel all Paulinians!





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