St. Paul University Iloilo Tracer Study for the graduates of Batch 2004 to 2013.

Dear SPU Iloilo Alumni,
Warm greetings from your Alma Mater!
It is our goal in the University to improve our program of studies for future Paulinians. Thus, we would like to find out hour our Paulinian graduates have fared out in the employment scenario. For this purpose, we are conducting this tracer survey, and we assure you that your answers will be treated with strictest confidentiality. Thank you very much!

There are 37 questions in this survey.


1. Name (for married graduates, please specify maiden name)

2. Gender

3. Civil Status

4. Birthdate (MM/DD/YY)

5. Permanent Address

6. Current Address

7. Email Address

8. Telephone Number

9. Mobile Number


10. Year Graduated from St. Paul University Iloilo

11. Class Name

12. College

13. Course

14. Highest Educational Attainment (for those who pursued further studies)

15. Professional or work-related training programs and advanced studies attended after college

16. What values did SPU Iloilo help you develop that you are now practicing in your life/work?

17. In what ways are they practiced?


18. Are you presently employed?

19. Please state the reason(s) why you are not yet employed. You may check more than one answer.

20. If employed: Present Employment Status

21. Present Occupation

22. Name of Company/Organization including Work Address

23. Is this your first job after college?

24. What are your reason(s) for staying on the job? You may check more than one answer.

25. What were your reason(s) for changing jobs? You may check more than one answer.

26. How long did you stay in your first job?

27. Is your fist job related to the course you took up in college?

28. What were your reason(s) for accepting the job?

29. How did you come across your first job? Check any that apply.

30. How long did it take you to find your first job after graduating from College?

31. St. Paul University Iloilo has prepared me for job searching (including resume writing, handling job interviews, and other job search skills).

32. My education in St. Paul University Iloilo had prepared me for my career (work is related to degree earned).

33. My education in St. Paul University Iloilo had prepared me for other jobs (work is not related to degree earned).

34. If STRONGLY AGREED and AGREED to any of Questions 31 to 33, what competencies did you learn in College did you find most useful in your first or current job? Check any that apply.

35. List down suggestions to further improve the curriculum of the course you took at St. Paul University Iloilo.

36. What services relating to employment assistance do you suggest that St. Paul University Iloilo should provide?

37. Would you enroll your child, sibling, or any family member in St. Paul University Iloilo?